Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Introducing .... my2angels Charming Words

Introducing ...

We’ve put together one of three bronze word strips (laughter, together, forever) matched to a bronze filigree piece and then embellished them with a selection of roses, charms and pearls.  Available in 5 different colour themes

The resulting piece looks adorable on tags, tucked into the corner of a floral arrangement or simply placed over the edge of a photo. 

Laughter Collection

Together Collection

Forever Collection

You will find the complete collection in detail over in our new section Charming Words

and also arriving today is:

Antique Bronze Butterfly Charms
5 for $1.60

and 6mm and 8mm Brown Pearls

and back in stock


Hope you have a wonderful and creative week


amanda73 said...

oh wow, will have to get me some of those, absolutely stunning trace

Marie (Mazz) said...

looks like I'm stalkin Amanda, but we obiously love the same stuff!! just wot Amanda said...so creative and beautiful for LO's and cards xxx