Tuesday, May 10, 2011

New Charms in store now

Finally ..... these gorgeous (and oh so cute) charms have arrived in store

and the Blue Cameos we were expecting arrived BUT they are Black!!!!
Not happy Jan, so I am sending them back ... will keep you update as I have had quite a emails wanting to know when they will be arriving (:

Sorry taken so long to post but blogger has been a male for the past 2 days (:


Kim said...

thanks for all your lovely comments Tracy over on my blog!

aussiescrapper said...

Oh how cute are those little utes. Oh I am so looking forward to this weekend also. Going to bring my shadow box....and arghh...re the cameos in the wrong colour, it sucks, can't these people read. lol. sorry for the negativity but so sick of getting the wrong orders....Melx

ngaire said...

Classes are looking great Tracy. And I must get one of those cute little snails. Bummer on the black rather than blue - but wouldn't that be nice too?? I would get a black one.

So who else is coming for the chat and scrap Friday night?? Come on ladies - it will be a ball.