Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Glimmer Misting with Heidi Swapp

Wow what an awesome (but tiring) day I had on Saturday with Heidi Swapp and Wendy Senger (the creator of Glimmer Mist). For those of you who follow Heidi's blog she is as lovely in person as she appears on her blog.

Here is the photos to prove the outing LOL ...

and I also got to meet Taryn and Kim which was really really great and they are just as lovely IRL.

So around 8 hours of solid learning on Saturday and wow did my head hurt afterwards LOL

Wendy shows us 25 different ways on using Glimmer Mist and we got to play with the new release Glimmer Glam and Glimmer Glaze

So what is Glimmer Glam and Glimmer Glaze - well I was confuse by what I read on the net so here is my easey peasy definition - well Heidi's words actually ...

Glimmer Glaze and Glimmer Glam are the same EXCEPT Glimmer Glam has glitter in it! Easy ah? They are a medium finish not like Glimmer Mist which is water based. I tested them on my charms (cause we got LOTS of free products to play with) and they stick to them and you add more layers to build up the colour depth.

Here are some examples with just one coat and added to the tips of the flowers ....

Here is Glimmer Glam - which comes in a container with a wide lid so you use a brush to apply it.

and Glimmer Glaze has a small brush attached to the lid

We also played with the Chalkboard Glimmer Mist which I love!!! Chalkboard will give you the same beautiful Glimmer as Glimmer Mist, yet the base will give you a semi-opaque finish that blends just like chalk. This is just like using art pastels or chalks! It will blend nicely with other Chalkboard colors or even with the original Glimmer Mist to create a variety of transparencies and add depth to your project

So going back to the techniques we learnt well some are very similar but I enjoyed the process of mixing the colours and adding more and incredibly (well to me anyhow)you can just wipe glimmer mist off, to blend it using a paper towel and keep reusing the same old colour stained towel. It acts as a resistant and won't transfer the mist back onto your new work.

2 basic ways to spray ...

Push half way down on the sprayer to create a spotted pattern

Start spraying from left to right and push down fully sprayer. Quickly moving across the sheet to create a fine even coat

Various people have asked which colour to buy as a newbie to Glimmer Mist and well Heidi explained go back to what you learnt at school with your primary colours and how you mixed them to make new colours. Personally though I would stick with the brown, black and pinks cause these are the colours I use the most to scrap BUT since learning the mixing and blending techniques my limited style of using glimmer mist has been wide opened.

We learnt so many different tips to share but my favourite (at the moment) is the resist technique. We used chipboard which had a resistant coating on them but hey if you don't have them, like me, but have embossing powder you can make your own.

On this layout I created a resistant by stamping an image on to my layout, heat embossed it then sprayed with 2 mists - Tiger Lily (my new favourite and will be stocking as soon as it is available from the supplier) and Graphite. After spraying wiped or dab off (it doesn't come off just gives a smoother finish not a mist finish). I also added some driplets to give it a bit more of a grunge effect since it being a boy layout by taking the sprayer out and letting drops from the tube fall onto my page.

And the second tip, which I just loved, was when you peel the backing off your chipboard don't throw it away ... use it!!! See the white frame? That is the backing of the chipboard frame (which I sprayed with tiger lily!) Cool idea ah?

Here are some flowers I made using Glimmer Mist and Embossing Powder centered with dark brown pearls and a piece of our gold flower chain

The embossing powders I used were chestnut brown and leaf. The brown one is now on this frame and the green one is going on another OTP I started today

On the leaves see the water droplet effect? I used clear embossing powder sprinkled on, heated, then sprayed with glimmer mist.

Our little girl charm has been coated in glimmer glaze

The glimmer mists that is currently out of stock on our site should be available by Friday this week. Unsure of delivery time for the new colours that I WANT no not want ... NEED!

Would also love to know your thoughts on the glam or glaze .. which one would you prefer to have? Please leave us your comments ...

Till next time


donna said...

It was great to see you again Tracey! I was sooo brain dead too by the time we left on Saturday night... she is such a lovely person... damn shame she isnt an aussie!
Donna xx

Anne P said...

LOVE your flowers with the embossing and glimmer mist, beautiful.

I would probalby go Glimmer Glaze as I think you could probably put glitter on first and then coat it if you wanted a 'glitter' effect :)

lkamphuis said...

They look fab Tracey - thanks for the rundown!!

Kim said...

it was so much fun, thanks for the recap....you rememebered more than I did...blue blue blue please

Moonie said...

Wow you have been a good girl creating and experimenting with the glimmer mist Tracey.. good on you. Im in amazement how beautiful a person Heidi is.. she is delightful x

Chantal said...

Wow - it looks like you had a great ol' time misting up the joint! I'd probably go the Glaze! :D

Sue said...

You lucky girl, sounds like a FAB day!!! Look forward to seeing all the new stuff and what you & the Angels do with it!
PS - I would go with the Glimmer Glam, one can never have enough sparkle! ;-)

ann said...

Wow Tracy how exciting so many things you have learn't!!!!
Thanks for sharing xx

Taryn said...

Hey you have been a busy girl!!! My head is still spinning from all those awesome lessons! Gotta say I prefer the glam, but my fav prosuct was the chalk (I am in lurrrrrvv!). Wonderful to finally meet you, Tracy. Thanks for sharing such a fun time.

Tracey said...

I am most definitely soooo jealous. What a brilliant experience. Love all the examples that you shared :)

Wendy said...

Sorry been MIA this week! Sounds like you had a ball on the weekend (looking forward to our day out on the weekend too!)some great examples there and love them both! The marshmallow GM BTW is gorgeous love it!!! :)

Corrina said...

OMG how LITTLE is she????? Some wonderful projects there Tracy...love the examples you did too...ohhh hmmmmm what to choose???? Being a glitter monster at heart, I would have to go with the glam!! Hugs Cxxx

Melinda Spinks said...

I've yet to join the glimmer-mist craze but after seeing your gorgeous creations I think I'm going to have to give it a whirl. Sounds like you had a great time away!
Melinda :)