Monday, September 14, 2009

Tips, Examples and Techniques for using Craft Charms on your creations

In conjunction with this months CC over at the Top 50 I have written up a collection of tips, techniques and examples for using charms on your projects.

It is something I have been meaning to do for so long ... thanks Vicky for making me get off my backside and getting it organised.

So go and put the kettle on, its 15 pages full of examples and ideas (I seriously could have easily done 30 pages, hmm maybe a part 2 could be in the making )
Tips for Using Craft Charms

And as a special offer till 20th September 09 if you purchase & pay for orders of charms you will receive free charms.

buy $15.00 of charms and receive FREE 1 free packet of assorted charms
buy $20.00 of charms and receive FREE 2 packets of assorted charms
buy $25.00 of charms and receive FREE 3 packets of assorted charms
buy $30.00 of charms and receive FREE 4 packets of assorted charms
for every $5 more you will receive an additional assortment of FREE charms

You will also receive our free gift of the month for September

In order to receive this offer you must state BLOG at checkout when asked how did you hear about my2angels

Postage starts at $2.70 (postage is flat rate $5.20 if you also purchase papers, tapes and bottles)

I hope it gives you all some ideas and inspiration for incorporating charms into your creations.


Have a fun and creative week


amanda73 said...

well guess who is going to order some more charms, after i apy for my other order this week, lol. yep me

Vicki said...

LOL Tracy!! Its amazing how quickly you get something done that has been on your to-do list for ages, when somebody else asks you to do it!! :)

All your examples are fantastic and have really given me some different ideas on how to use charms, so i am definately going shopping!! :)

And sorry if i kicked too hard!! LOL!! You have done a great job getting this all together for me at such short notice!! :)

Thanks Tracy!! :)

LG said...

Thanks for sharing Tracy! I really need this.

Jo Powell said...

I love it! I have discovered some great new ideas for using charms. I seem to have gone from not using charms to being addicted to slipping at least one into every project since discovering your store!

Shazza said...
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Shazza said...

Tracy, thanks for sharing your ideas on how to use charms, lots of new ways to think about using them now :)

Thanks for sharing!