Sunday, September 20, 2009

I participated in my first ever swap this week

I participated in my FIRST ever swap this week. Wendy over at My Head Space had a cloud and/or Tree swap going – I mean how could I resist ... with my cute little tree charms. Not knowing what I was suppose to make & send ... this is what I came up with

Every Cloud has a Silver Lining

The clouds are painted corrugated cardboard lined with silver ink and our sun charms tied with blue organza ribbon

For the trees I made postage stamps with my friskars scissors which I am trying to track down to get onto my website, no luck so far. Inked it with my template I have made up and using my white tags (left blank for a date or small journalling) and our dark blue flowers.

I enjoyed making them, and even did a few extra ... I have 3 more sets left if anyone would like one, just let me know. AND before you ask Amanda, yes I have put your set away LOL

There is 12 of us in the swap. I am looking forward to seeing what everyone cames up with.

There are so many CCs going on this weekend

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As much as I wanted to join in, time is not on my side at the moment, but I hope you are all having fun and your mojo is being kind to you - mines being a bit of a jerk actually - my own fault really, spending too much time on the computer, getting sore eyes and not enough sleep. On that note, I am off to bed. Night everyone


amanda73 said...

lol how did you know i was going to know me too well, cant wait to get mine of these, i love them

Brenda said...

They are lovely Tracy, I have seen the swap things of a few sights, but I am also not sure what I should send. Yours looks fantastic.

Sarah & Daph said...

wow, how cute are they....i love the tree stamps esp :)

Karen A said...

how do i get in on a swap? wots involved? very interested :)

Wendy Smith said...

these are them so much and everyone I have shown so far is in awwwwwwwe

my2angels said...

Thanks everyone and I only have 1 set left woo hoo.
Karen ... I regularly check out Wendys blog and decided to go for it cause the theme just appeal for me Will let you know when I come across anymore and what is involved

TaswegianMum said...

WOW they are gorgeous MIss Tracy :)