Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Scrapping Sports layouts

Scrapping Sports Layouts

We all have them right?  I have hundreds and really need to get them scrapped before I forget what years etc they are and BEOFRE my pile of photos get any bigger!

Let' s start off with my main layout

Starting with white cardstock, apply texture paste or gesso down the centre

Mount your photo with cardboard, then cover with acid free cardstock (this will raise the photo, which is obviously the main focal point, and the cardstock will add a barrier between photo and the non-acid free card).  On the back of the card I added some netting which I had coloured with Glimmer Mist and Distress Ink


Placing some scrap paper the size of my photos on the cardstock, as a guide for my next step.  Using some old stickers (we all have them right?) I stuck them down the side of where my photo will be for my title.   Next I sprayed with various colours of Blue Glimmer Mist


 While I had the glimmer mist, I used the "tube" from the pump spray and run it down the sides of my cardstock for a border.

Add some circles to your layout using the lid of your distress paint.  First dabbing paint on lid, then onto layout

I also used Distress Ink in the same manner as above.


Gently removing the stickers, when the layout was near dry.  It made it easier if they were still damp to remove.  Once layout was fully dry, I drew the outline of my letters with blue pen


Added a few white roses and blue roses, just because! 
and lastly, one of our netball hoop Charms

 and finished!  One down, so many more to go!

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Love these techniques Tracy.