Sunday, September 7, 2014

It's Spring at my2angels

With the start of September, we see that magical and brief period of time in Queensland that comes between the chill of winter and the HOT of summer. Yeah - that's right - it's SPRING. That whole week of warm - not HOT - days that we get to celebrate new life, watch flowers bloom and otherwise enjoy outside with out needing an ice bucket.

To help you scrap this wonderful time of year (and because we are a sucker for flower charms) we are releasing our 'In the Garden' Charm Kit. Just like your spring garden, it's chock full of floral prettiness. There's a sun to make it all grow, a watering can to keep everything green and a selection of pretty flowers (plus the tree - because the tree is just stunning) all in a row.
And all 7 charms are available for a 'blooming' fantastic $3.50.
Sigh - I kill myself sometimes. Shouldn't do this after a glass of wine or two.

'In the Garden' Charm Kit

Of course every garden needs a bird or two - so check out some of our bird and birdcage charms in the store available here .

Spring is also a time for getting out pretty sundresses and big, big hats. Our Vintage Stick Pins are great for scrapping or keeping a Shabby Chic straw hat on your head. They make nice lapel decorations as well. Measuring 7cm in height, you can have the whole set of 5 for just $5.99.
Vintage Stick Pins 

And because I just can't help myself - we have some
cute little flower pins measuring just 3.8cm in height.
Buy the set of 3 for just $3.50.

At that price you could afford a whole bunch!!
(there's that glass of wine talking again)

Consisting of 4 charms, a handmade "believe" embellishment, stars, a jar of "Fairy Dust" and a Fairy Die Cut - this kit will delight every fairy lover (whether big or small).

Pack twice as much life into your scrapping days with the my2angels 50% off Charmed Life sale. For a short time only – all Charmed Life packs are a huge 50% off. Now you can be twice as quick at half the price! Just pop on your photos, add your journaling and DONE! Stocks are limited – so get in quick before you miss out. 

From this to that in minutes

Like SPRING - some of our new stock will only be here briefly - so get in quick before it sells out.

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