Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Playing with Mulberry Paper Flowers

Hi scrappers
Geli here today

I've had a little play with some of the beautiful flowers from my2angels. Usually I simply cluster them for embellishing, so I've had to think outside the box. First thing that came to mind was an obvious choice - spray a flower with a little glimmer mist

Simple, yet effective. I especially like it on the black gardenia, the glimmer really stands out on black. The white ones would also be a super easy to colour that way.

Next I took 3 mulberry flowers.

The edges of the petals are already coloured, so half the work is done for you. Fold each one in half and then in half again. Using glue dots I glued them onto a pendant with the points touching in the middle. 

Curl the edges of the flower petals a little with an awl and glue on one of the cute little embellishment pins

There are so many to choose from that you will find the one to suit your project. 

Simply add a bow to the bottom of the pin and you've got a pretty fluffy flower.

For an off the page project here's a super simple way to make 3D posey:

Take 3 small flowers
Thread 3 gold stamens  through the middle and scrunch up the first flower into a cone shape and keep it in shape with a little sticky tape along the stems of the stamens. 
Use a second flower in the same way, but scrunch that one a little less and the third one only gets a tiny scrunch. 
Bunch out the stamens and glue it all onto a leaf  and finish it with a little bow. If you spray your flower with starch (the kind of ironing spray I would have if I was a better housewife...) it'll keep its shape better once dry.
What else can you do with flowers?

Well, you can use 4 petals and glue them behind a key charm  and make a super cute butterfly. Stamens  make perfect antennae. And you can put some feathers on a bird charm's tail.

Have fun with paper flowers!


amanda73 said...

oh wow, soooooo gonna have to try those super cool ideas, thanks for sharing

Cathy said...

Fabulous ideas with the flowers Geli.. Love the one with the bird charm!! :))

aussiescrapper said...

Oh wow, how gorgeous is that bird charm with the flower feathers coming out the back, clever work Geli. Melxx

Marie (Mazz) said...

oh, Geli you're REALLY rockin this technique. just gorgeous :)