Thursday, June 16, 2011

New life to paper blossoms

This week at my2angels we are showing you some different ways to use and make flowers.

Here are a few ideas on how to give new life to paper blossoms.

Creating some texture on your flowers by embossing them with different Embossing Folders and swiping them with Ink

Cutting your Blossoms in half and using them as a border.

You can jazz them up by using various centres like Brads, Resin Flower, Metal Flowers and Pins.

Various mediums can also be used like Kindyglitz, Crackle Paint, Diamond Dust and Liquid Pearls.

A few more ideas for centres, charms, cutting up a Felt Ribbon to use as a layer, a Mini Rose and scrunching a smaller blossom and adding Stamens for a bit of dimension.

You can also roll the edges of your flowers and add some Leaves.

Baker's Twine Stitched Flowers

and I thought I would show you how to use some Baker's Twine to jazz up some paper blossoms.

To create these stitched flowers you just need a paper blossom and a length of baker's twine.

Spider Web Flower

Take your threaded length of baker's twine and stitch through the centre of the blossom from back to the front, securing at back away from the centre.

Place the twine between the petals and stitch back through the centre. Keep stitching until you get back to where you started with needle coming up from the back of the flower through the centre to the front.

Thread the needle under and over the spokes of the twine going round and round
until you are happy with the width of the centre and stitch through to the back of the flower and secure. SO EASY!!!

Stitched Blossom with Centre Knot

This flower is similar to the first, in that you follow the same 1st two steps to create the spokes with the baker's twine.

Loop the twine over the needle 3 times and pull taught,

Holding the thread taught and making sure the loops stay tight, thread the needle back through the centre

to the back of the blossom

pulling the twine tight until it forms a knot.

TIP: The most important thing with the french knot is to keep the thread taught to get a nice even knot.

Have a little play with some blossoms and baker's twine.
You could group some french knots together for a textured centre or just use a running stitch and make your own design.



Cathy :))

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Wow, these ideas are fab, keep 'em coming!