Friday, January 29, 2010

Have you seen ?

Have you seen our new arrivals section??? We got the most prettiest pearls in yesterday

Light Brown

And I don't know how I missed these when placing previous Websters Page's orders!

Fabric Fancies

Raspberry Ball Trim

Blue Ball Trim

Sweet as Cherry Pie Moms Ingredients - my Grandmother died a few years back and my uncle has just had her recipes published into a book and sent copies to all the family (large catholic family) it was the most beautiful thing I had seen in a long time. Apart from the recipes typed up, also included was Grandma's handwritten copies as well and throughout the book were photos of the family from her photo album.
So it got me thinking of making up a recipe book for both of the Angels of their favourite meals I make them (yeah sometimes I venture into the unknown room they call the kitchen!), include the basics and whilst not their favourites, meals that I cook on a regular basis. Cause there will be a time when I will let them go out into the big wide world on their own (or rather give them a big shove out the door LOL!). Oh yeah there is a point to that apart from the fact, it is another way to preserve memories, this Websters Pages is the perfect paper for the cover.
Okay moving on ...

And 6 different Carolee Creations Adorn it Alpha Stickers

I had no idea how popular they are - already sold 1/4 of the stock that arrived this morning.

See you back here during the weekend with the first of the Design Teams Valentines Day projects Woo Hoo ... some very gorgeous and inspiring pieces
Have a great day


ann said...

Lovely new stock and what a beautiful story about the recipe book this is so what scrapping is all about.


amanda73 said...

love the story for your recipe all the new stock............and when websterts release their new ranges can you get them please

Tracey said...

2 words...mmmm....yummy! Oh ok, one is really a sound of Gorgeous new pretties.
Love the recipe book idea! I have a few family fav's I should preserve for future generations too :)

Taryn said...

OMG! So yummy!! All of it.

Corrina said...

LOL!!! Love it all.... and I just spend a good chunk of my free quickutz voucher on - wait for it -
FOOD and COOKING dies to make my 3 bunnikins THEIR own mum's home cooking cook book!!! xxxx I can feel a DT challenge coming on...

Sarah Lou said...

Wow, im drooling all over my keyboard now! I love the adorn it alphas I went into a huge funk when my lil red ones went missing! that trim makes my heart sing!

daph-a-dills said...

Oh im coming shopping....just how to tell the hubby who has restricted me for a bit...i agree with him but still this is murder seeing all this LMAO :)