Monday, August 24, 2009

Birds Trees Baby Boys and More

Take a look at these cuties that arrived today

Birds on a Swing

Silver Trees

Large Daisies

Baby Boy holding a bottle

The heritage page I am working on at the moment has just the spot for these coins!

Only a few more days left of August to get your FREE bonus birthday gift pack and before you know it, I will be saying Merry Christmas everyone - crap (: LOL



amanda73 said...

lovin those birdies and trees........and you did not tell me you were getting those cute baby charms............can i have some of them too please, if you throw 3 packets of the baby boy charms in my order i will add the price to my order pretty please... oh and when do you think my order will be posted cos i really cant wait to get them charms lol

Daph-a-dill's said...

they are super cute. I cant wait till im allowed to buy more stuff. Im currently on a spending ban....but its well earned i guess LOL