Saturday, August 8, 2009

Angel or Fairy?

I recently made a card, something I don’t often do … unfortunately it was for another death. My good friend’s sister died at the aged of 35 from a heart attack. She has had a bad heart all her life, sadly, but still it was a terrible shock and all I could think about was her mother. Being a mother myself it really hit home to me.

I used some old rub ons for the word sorry which as you can see were a bit dodgy but I quite like the effect of them so I left it as is ... not bothering with a black pen to fix up. I sprayed the doily with starfish glimmer mist, red organza ribbon, white corrugated ribbon with two of our red flowers.

Now this card caused me a bit of confusion (what's new???) as I have always called the charm used Angels but the 2 males in the house said they are fairies. What do you reckon? Could it be both? Or am I ... god forbid ... wrong for once PML?

Wow my birdhouse turned out to be a popular item – thanks for the encouraging emails and comments left. I have managed to get 5 more birdhouses arriving around the 14th August so if anyone would like one of these please email me at - yes Amanda I have one put aside for you already

They are $10 each but unfortunately the postage will be $5.20 due to the thickness of the posts. However if you purchase papers, bottles or tapes from our website as well you be paying the flat rate of $5.20 anyway – just a thought

Time to get DS off to footy again

Hope your weekend is creative and your kids are behaving themselves ;)



Jane Smith said...

Beautiful card...I think the charm could be both angel or fairy!

Sue said...

Hi Tracy!
I'm with you, I'd have to say angel! I always think of fairies of having smaller wings high on their back and angels with bigger wings. (Well that's my logic anyway!) The card is beautiful, I'm sure your work and kind words were very much appreciated during the family's sadness.

iloveprunes said...

She has fairy wings (butterfly shaped) but looks more like an angel, perhaps she is a fairy angel? She is lovely either way as is your card, I am sure it will be much appreciated for the love that went into it. x

amanda73 said...

i'd call it an Angel............ love the card, so sad for the reason for it, my god 35, im 36 and i cant imagine having a heart attack, seems forever away before something like that will happen, but you just never know hey......... sorry for your friends loss...............and lol @ putting the birdhouse aside for me(thanks heaps), and i will do an order when its ready to make postage more worth while and at the same time supporting you even more

Sue said...

Hi gorgeous! I've left something for you on my blog!

LG said...

definitely ANGEL!!!!

Taryn said...

Really love your card. That charm really does look like an angel.