Saturday, August 1, 2009

August thank you FREE birthday gift

WOO HOO its our birthday - well sort of. Whilst I have been selling as samscrapbooking for nearly 4 years and "a sort of website" for my2angels for 5 months prior to today, I class today as our birthday.

You see last year on the 1st August 08 was my first day of becoming self employed and kissing the air conditioned offices good bye with a HUGE smile on my face. Only downside is no regular pay package but I am much happier and healthy than I ever have been, except putting on a few kilos (: and then a few more on top of them!

So to celebrate this milestone I am giving you a bigger thank you gift this month with every paid order. This is limited to your first order, however all subsequent orders will still receive a thank you gift as always. Colours may vary from the photo

In addition, if your order is over $50.00 there will be extra items added to your thank you pack

There will also be random draws throughout the month with the winners receiving one of our kit of the months FREE

And because I can, there will also be random bigger bonus thank you gifts given out during the month

The random draws will be decided by the 2 angels, not me, cause I would be giving you all bigger packs.

Have an awesome weekend hope its creative. I am off to watch my son play league.


PS I hope I am not jinxing myself by saying this but I haven't been sick (medicially cause we all know I'm a little sick in the head at times) since I left the air conditioning offices - makes ya wonder ah. Or is it just I lead a sheltered life now tucked away hided in the office:)


amanda73 said...

wow tracy you are sooo generous, and i must be psychic lol, cos i just placed an order of over $50 and paying this week (before i knew about the bigger gifts), lucky me lol........... you know how much i love your stuff, have a great day

Daph-a-dill's said...

BUGGER....I should have waited a few more days LOL :)