Sunday, June 15, 2014

XOX Embellishment

With 20% off charms until 20th June, here is a great way to use our charms as an unique embellishment.

Take one of our large silver key charms and silver xox typewriter charms.  


Hang the x,o,x off your key using 7mm silver jumprings

To do this, you either use 2 pairs of pliers, or be like me and use your left hand and one pair of pliers to gently open jump ring, place in typewriter key with the loop at the top. 

 While jump ring is still open, slip onto key and gently close the jump ring with pliers.

Adhere one of our red scroll felt hearts to the back of your key charm (our new red tape is extra strong and will hold the felt brilliantly)


Don't want red?  We also have the felt hearts in white, black and cream
You will get 4 in a packet (approximately 3cm in size) for only $1.00, available here in the felt section


and here you have one inexpensive but very attractive embellishment to pop on to your creation.

or with our black hearts and red rose

Now you will have left overs 
as the felt hearts come in a packet of 4 and the roses in bunches of 5,

 so .... 

get yourself a packet of silver arrow charms as well.  You will always use the remainder for the boys pages, pointing to the photo or title/date (probably best you get yourself a couple of packets, once you realise how versatile these are!)


pop a rose on your felt heart and tuck a silver arrow underneath for a quick embellishment

See how easy it is to add charms to your creations?

Don't forget you have until 20th June to get yourself 20% off all our charms, what better time to stock up on charms! 

Charms add just what their name says - charm and character to your creations.

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