Wednesday, June 18, 2014

DIY Angel Key Embellishment

DIY Embellishment

Here is another quick, easy and oh so pretty DIY Charm Embellishment!

Cut approximately 10cm x 8cm of cream tulle, and put aside for a second.

Take one of our Angel Wings and Clock Keys and line the BACK of the key with red tape (Don't worry about it being able to see it and going over the key, 
we will fix it further along

Peel off backing of tape and twist 23cm of our Antique Bronze chain around the key as shown

then scrunch up and shape previously cut tulle while adhering to back of key (this is when you will cover up the "exposed" tape from the first step) and seal it again with more red tape (as tulle is "holey" it needs extra tape to secure).  You could use your hot glue gun, but even I am not gained to do that with all the holes!  Trim tulle to shape if necessary.  


Now with your favourite adhesive, in my case I did use my hot glue gun, and adhere 3 cream roses to your key

add a 7mm bronze jump ring to the bottom of your chain (see yesterdays post for attaching jump rings) with a bronze heart locket and key charm.

Now you have a shabby key embellishment to add to your creation.

How easy was that for such a pretty embellishment!

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