Saturday, April 12, 2014

Bling it on!

Hi, it's Geli. I would like to share a tutorial how to make some pretty things to wear using rhinestone chains from my2angels.

Jazzy 20ies headband

Things you will need:

♥ cotton lace 
♥ pink velvet ribbon 
(other colours available: deep pinklight blueblack, all on sale!)
♥ silver rhinestone chain 
(also looks great in gold)
(look for other shapes here)
♥ a plastic headband 
♥ a fluffy feather
♥ heat gun
(click on the links to find all the materials I used)

Mark the point on the headband where you want your buckle to sit with a permanent marker. Mine is off centre, where Leah parts her hair.
Glue the lace on the headband up to this point and glue the velvet ribbon on top. 

 Thread on the buckle and glue the rest of the ribbons down. 

 Glue the rhinestone chain on either side of the buckle and glue the ends to the end of the headband. Leave it hanging lose. It is best to try this on before you cut.

 Neaten the ends of the headband by glueing a piece of lace around them.

 Embellish the buckle with a feather and a charm. 


Rhinestone Bangle

You'll have some rhinestone chain left, so it's time to make a matching bangle!

Things you will need:

♥ silver rhinestone chain 
(also looks great in gold)
♥ a plain bangle
(find them super cheap at second hand stores)
♥ satin ribbon 3mm wide
♥ heat gun

 Cut a long piece of satin ribbon, about as long as your outstretched arms. Put some hot glue on the inside of the bangle and wind the ribbon around the bangle. Because the glue will cool very quickly on the metal, you can only do 1cm at the time. Be patient!

 Go all the way around the bangle and keep any remaining ribbon hanging. 
I went for perfection, but failed miserably. I decided it doesn't matter, it will get covered.

 Glue on the rhinestone chain with a small hot glue dot under each rhinestone. Don't worry about the glue strings, we'll get rid of them later.

 Wind the remaining ribbon around the rhinestone chain, always between each rhinestone. Again, work in short sections and use just a little glue on the inside of the bangle. If you run out of ribbon, attach a new piece with hot glue.

 Now come back the other way, giving you a nice criss-cross pattern. 

If you still have stringy glue bits, you can melt them away by pointing the heat gun at them for a few seconds.
 Neaten the end with a little bow. 

Wear it with pride!

I must have taken too long, the pink princess dress was off by then and we're back to comfy shorts and T-shirts...

Cheers, Geli

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