Sunday, March 9, 2014

Pink, Bling, Flowers and Pepsi Max

What do you give a birthday girl who loves Bling, Pink, Flowers and Pepsi Max?

Well doh - what else but a Pink Bling Chilly Bin (aka Eski or Cooler Box - depending on where you are from)!
So I started with this...

The I painted a pink undercoat over the outside.
Using my finger, I wiped over 3/4 of the outside surface with Magenta Inka Gold.

Then I added our white rhinestone chain to the top of the Eski and the bottom of the lid.

Decorating the lid are layers of pink gardenias, pink flowers and large pink roses, antique silver leaf charms and large bronze leaves - all arranged in the centre of the lid.

I coloured our large leaf charms (which are bronze and not matching the theme), with Inka Gold.


Inka Gold is dry within a minute - love it! 


Then I painted the Eski with Claudine Hellmuth mulit-medium to protect it from the elements.

To personalise it, I added the recipients name using chipboard letters.

The ugly blue string handle had to go - so I covered that with 2 different shades of pink tulle, using wondertape to secure

I kept the sides fairly simple and non-dimensional for when not in use and for ease of storage.

Ta da - we have a personalised, Pink Chilly Bin / Eski / Cooler Box.

PS Don't forget our rhinestone chain is on sale until the 15th March.


Shelley said...

Thanks Tracy love my Pink Blingy Chilli Bin/ Esky its even better IRL and will be heading over to get some goodies to make a few for pressie's great idea.

Tracey said...

Wow........just fabulous! What a COOL idea, love it!