Thursday, August 15, 2013

Cheers :)

Hi everyone, it's Geli. I'm back! 

My Hannah is passionate about cheerleading and her team won the latest competition. I'm so proud of her! Here is a layout to celebrate her latest victory:

Cheerleading Scrapbooking Layout

Do you hoard pretty paper? I do. This one (by Heidi Swapp) has been in my stash way too long. There were a few pink bits, which I painted white with gesso, cause they wouldn't match the black and yellow colour scheme. The shield shape was outlined with a black rhinestone chain. That was easy, I just glued it down 10cm at the time. Still, the paper looked a bit bland, so the middle got a bit of a black wash. (simply outline the position of the photo and go crazy with paint and water):

Cheerleading Scrapbooking Layout

It didn't look that great at this point, but once the photo went on top and one side of a black felt frame was attached, things were starting to look pretty cool.
Cheerleading Scrapbooking Layout

Have you seen the new framed sentiments? I wanted to write on the banner and while digging through my letter stickers I discovered some old rub-ons from prehistory. I managed to almost find enough letters for "cheer", but had to fake the "h" with a "q"

Cheerleading Scrapbooking Layout

At this point I realised that I could either give the archeologist of 3013 something to dig up or use those letters up! (I have other cool ideas for grave goods to puzzle future generations) In other words, using them to frame the photo seemed like a good way to put them to use.

Cheerleading Scrapbooking Layout

This pretty yellow frame comes with a pin too and there are lots of colours! Find them all here.

Cheerleading Scrapbooking Layout

Have you taken advantage of the 5c sale at my2angels yet? Spend $5 and get something like this black felt ribbon for 5c!

Cheerleading Scrapbooking Layout

I cut some stars off and painted the inside with Ferro metal effect textured paint. This stuff is really cool, it has a gritty texture but keeps its metallic shine.
Then I added a crown charm (after all, they won!)...



The cheerleader's pom poms and the star flower are also painted with the same metal effect paint 

Pretty cool that it sticks to metal!

Hannah loves her page and I hope I have given you some inspiration!


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