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On the 6th day of Christmas & a Santa Claus Gift Holder

On the sixth day of Christmas
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Combined Postage
12cent specials shining
12cent charms a charming
12cent filigree adorning
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Santa Clause Gift Card Holder

Using this template cut out TWO from Red Cardstock.  You will get 3 complete Santa templates from one sheet of cardstock.

KEEP the little bits of red cardstock left over as we will be making a tag from it.

Score 1cm  as the photo shows

 Place your gift card inside to ensure you have the correct measurements and tape just about the top of the inner trouser legs on BOTH templates

 Tape on the OUTSIDE of the scores.  Now join both templates together.


Next cover the cardstock with red glitter zing embossing powder  and heat emboss.  This gives some bling and texture plus will cover up any parts of your trousers that may not meet exactly.

Cut to size a piece of prima snow trim ribbon and push inside each of the bottoms of the trousers.  Wrap tape around the bottom of trouser legs and wrap another piece of ribbon around them.


Hole punch at two top corners (this is to enable to hang your Santa on the tree)

Adhere white ribbon to the top scrunching as you go to give more dimension.

At 5cm from the top wrap around a piece of black organza scalloped ribbon with a 2.1cm silver square  ribbon slide for Santa’s belt


Get your piece of left over red cardstock and make a tag from it and write the recipient’s name on it.   Hole punch it at the top.  I also heat embossed red glitter zing to the edges of my tag for a little more bling

Now with more black organza scalloped ribbon thread through the punched holes and tie a knot at the top.  The length depends on how much you want it hanging from your tree.    With a 10mm silver jump ring add your tag and a Silver Present with Hanging Just for You charm, close jump ring then thread through one of the loose pieces of ribbon and then tie a bow.

And now you are finished

Optional:  you might like to sprinkle Scarlett Colour Fragments over your holder, using liquid glue to adhere it.

With and without Scarlett Colour Fragments
I like the "with" as it gives more dimension and just adds that little bit more of texture 

Also if you would prefer a Mrs Claus hanger just omit cutting of the inner trouser legs and cut from the waist down and a slight angle for a dress.

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