Wednesday, December 19, 2012

It's a Brown and Green Christmas

Have you seen our Olive and Brown Gardenias?  

Gorgeous aren't they - and the colour combination is perfect if you like a Vintage Christmas Theme.  So with that in mind, here are a few Christmas ideas to share that won't take long to make and will leave you with plenty of time to enjoy it.

Napkin Ring Holder

First, take one of our Filigree Borders and fold to create a ring (these are very easy to bend and also easy to cut with scissors).

vintage napkin rings

Front View

vintage napkin rings
 Back view

vintage napkin rings

Now cut 2 pieces of holly from a bit of cardboard (using this template), ink them in green and then cover with dimensional magic.

christmas holly template

When dry, adhere holly leaves to the front of your napkin ring.  Remove the chain from your Antique Bronze Merry Christmas Charming Chain and glue to the tops of your holly leaves.

With a pin folded through the loop of your Charming chain, add two red bells from the Traditional Bell pack for Holly berries and you are done.

And how about a 
Wine Bottle Gift Holder

Make yourself another set of holly leaves and put aside to dry.

Cut the template out from a pizza box and tear off random areas of the top thin paper layer. Then run it through your cuttlebug using the Bricked Texture Fade.

Using Fired Brick Distress Ink an ink blending tool, ink over the brickwork so that it gets into the grooves of the embossing. Then, using your Fired Brick Ink Pad, ink directly over the brick wall so it only inks the raised brickwork, thus creating a lighter and darker image.
 Again with your ink blending tool- this time using Vintage Photo Distress Ink, apply it to the "torn" layers.  Then carefully apply the ink pad directly to these areas.

Tie 2 bows from Brown Scalloped Edged Ribbon and adhere on top of each other, add 3 Green mulberry leaves with brown tips and centre with a Brown Gardenia.

Add an Antique Bronze Merry Christmas Charming Chain
to hang from the gardenia and you are done.

Christmas Cards

vintage christmas cards

From a piece of acetate, cut an oval for your mask.

I used Twiddleybitz C6 Kraft Cards for my cards.

For the first 2 cards, use the inner oval as your mask and spray with Olive Vine Glimmer Mist. Highlight the oval with some Avocado Liquid Pearls.
Stamp Merry Christmas (the mistletoe charm is covering up a "whoops" moment with my stamp lol) towards the bottom of the oval.

Card One 

Use a round flower filigree topped with an olive gardenia as your focal point.  
Hanging from the filigree are 6mm dark brown pearls and 6mm dark green pearls, with 7cm Antique Bronze eye pins to hold them on.

vintage christmas cards

vintage christmas cards

To create your "wreath"

vintage christmas cards

Place beads and then bead caps onto your pins and bend different lengths with your round nose plyers.

vintage christmas cards

Trim pins level with the top of your bead caps using plyers.
vintage christmas cards

Thread pins through the top hole of a round embellishment finding and "squash" each pin together to secure.

vintage christmas cards

Play around with different ribbons and beads to match your colour theme.

To view all our beads and pin accessories, head over to our accessories section on the website.

vintage christmas cards


Corrina said...

Gorgeous Tracy - as always!

Geli said...

I especially like the brick wall look. Very clever! Will have to give this a try