Wednesday, April 6, 2011

OTP Photo Carousel with Prima

I had to make something with the gorgeous Prima Botanical Beloved pattern paper and one of my favourite materials for OTP's .... Pizza Boxes
and using the new Scrapware ATC frames to show off some of my crazy friends who I have met in this wonderful world of scrapping


All the photos are hanging using our antique bronze jump rings and antique bronze iron chain
the top of the roof is edged with our cream frilly lace and the doily I sprayed with Coffee Shop Glimmer Mist and then painted with mod podge to seal and "harden" it
Sorry the Coffee Shop sold out about an hour ago along with half of our glimmer mist stock (restock due to arrive mid April)

The roof covered with peach gardenias and I inked their edges with Jumbo Java

Me with Kathy (Scraphappy Kat)
The most generous lady I have ever had the pleasure of meeting ... this July we will get a better photo ... I had just got out of the shower ready to leave to fly back home and Kathy was rushing out the door for an UNPLANNED emergency doctors appointment ... (note to self this July at the retreat no sharp knives near Kathy!!!! )

Lisa and I

Then turn frame around to show Lisa being cheeky
(unbeknown to me until she had left and I uploaded the photos to the computer!!!!)
also added our laughter tag

Mel, Ann and I being twit! (on the back of the frame is the "normal" photo of us ... if you can call us normal but damm I didn't get a photo of it to share)

Middle pole with brown stemmed flowers
Gold flower rhinestone chain (individually cut up)

That's all from me till next week sometime
our internet gets cut off sometime Thursday afternoon and won't be back on till Tuesday/Wednesday
Jess has kindly offered to look after the blog for me while we move house
Take care 
see ya all later

oh ps if you are wondering how all this was done with a pizza box here are a few photos


Moonie said...

OMFRIGGIN GOODNESS TRACY...!! That is just absolutely stunning and I can see all the full on work you have put into this gorgeous carousel!! What a fantastic idea and I absolutely DIG the photos!!! love each and every bit of it xx

Melinda Spinks said...

SPEECHLESS... Tracy, do you sell your creative genious in bottles 'cause I'd like to buy some. LOL! This is just amazing!!!!

lexie said...

Now that I have picked my jaw up from the floor and put my eyes back in...that is flippin' amazing!!!! you are just too love love it...oxo

Wendy said...

Absolutely gorgeous T! How did you manage to find time to do this whilst packing?!?!?!? Some great photos there!! Happy removals .... catch ya next week!! xxx

Cecelia said...

WOW! This is absolutely stunning! This is an amazing idea! So much detail...

Hugs xx
Cecelia B

Nay and Gilly said...

ohhhhhhhh, this is beautiful!! you make it look so easy!! I think I might need to get me some of ur kinda creativity!
Luv Renee

Kathie said...

Tracy I love it heaps!!! It stunning...where do you get the time girlfriend??? Beautiful beautiful work GORGEOUS GORGEOUS looking forward to July..the retreat is gonna be a blast this year!!!
Love Kathie

ann said...

Beautiful Tracy...Now that is one more item to

Lisa Amiet said...

Just gorgeous!!

Cathy said...

OMG WOW Tracy.. absolutely amazing OTP project.. you are so creative!! Just gorgeous!! :)

aussiescrapper said...

OMFRIGGIN GOODNESS TRACY...!! Thanks Lisa for the perfect words to describe the freakin creativity of this lady. How gorgeous is that and all the wonderful friends you have made in this crazy world of scrapping. Min said she would like to buy some of your creativeness in a bottle.....Now there's a plan, I'll have a pack of 10. Gorgeous work Clever lady. Melxx