Wednesday, January 12, 2011

New Pins and Pritt Glue

The response to our pins have been overwhelming and as requested by many of our customers we have added to our range

World Globe with Compass

Black and White Girls Pins (sepia are in the making)

And in time to celebrate Australia Day on the 26th we have these ...

Birthday Pins & Weddings are also in the pipeline

Our Pritt Glue was suppose to be here yesterday but since it is coming from Brisbane there have been obvious delays. When we receive it you will find it available under the adhesive section on the website or just click here

and speaking of Brisbane I am finding it quite hard to comprehend the disaster zone Brisbane and sadly most of Queensland is experiencing.

Brisbane more so as I am only 1 hour drive south from there and to be only experiencing the odd bit of rain is well ... I actually don't have the words for it ... and in response to everyone asking we are all fine here in the angels household.

Take care everyone


Wendy said...

LOVE them T! The Aussie Day ones are awesome, gonna have to have some of those!! W xx

lexie said...

So pleased that you and the angels are ok....watching the TV coverage of the floods is so heartbreaking...take care...oxo

Kim said...

very cute new pins, Love Lindy's cards below as well!, way too heart breaking with all the floods

amanda73 said...

love all your pins..told ya everyone would love them...but did you believe me..... NOOOOOOOO lol