Friday, November 14, 2008

Women CAN read maps and men DON"T listen

This thought for the day doesn't involve scrapbooking but it came to me while trying to think of some rambling for a retail page to be submitted into a scrapbooking directory / newsletter.

Women CAN read maps and men DON'T listen

We can read maps and also ask for directions, however directions are not neccessary because we can read the bloody map in the first place. It should be compulsory that boys join the boy scouts to learn the skills of map reading to prevent the use of half a tank of petrol while driving around and around trying to locate the destination. Now it is not neccesary for girls to join the Brownies and Girl Guides - I was one and I don't remember being shown how to read a map, why, because it isn't that bloody hard!!!!

But on a final note, as men don't listen, it will be pointless sending them to Boy Scouts. So really, us multi talented species called females, will continue to take on the role of driver, co driver, map reader, referee of kids fighting in back seat, all while driving, drinking a coffee, speaking on hands free mobile organising car pools for kids weekly activities and thowing in an occasional outburst of tourettes syndrome of yelling at useless bloody drivers on the road!

Am I right?

Tracy :)

PS I hope to not offend anyone who is a victim of Tourettes syndrome, it certainly is not my intention. The recent episode of Domestic Blitz brought an awareness to our society of how extreme this condition can be, and I am sure many families are greatful for this. I was crying my eyes out watching this, but mainly in happiness for such a positive result for Bianca and her family.

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