Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Storage of Ribbons

Just like shoes, clothes and handbags you can never have enough ribbons. But I felt recently I needed to address my fetish of ribbons as I was stuggling to keep my stash from taking over my already overflowing working space which was once called the dinning room table. So I came up with this solution - empty film cannisters so now they fit neatly in drawers and safely out of sight (we will overlook the scraps thrown into my 20cm x 15cm tin which is starting to overflow).

I am now ,having to be a secret scrapbooking shopper as my Angels keep asking to sit at the dinning room table to eat dinner - poof as if, just because the table is in the dinning room doesn't mean to say we have to eat at it, honestly those kids do they think oh look there is the vacumn cleaner, lets clean our room!!! No I didn't think so!
Back to important things, the cannisters can take up to 2-3 metres of ribbon depending on the side and shape. I just cut a square out of the lid with a stanley knife. I got all of mine from the local photoshops who usually throw them out so I can also say I am being environmentally friendly by recycling - there thats good jusfication to my every increasing need to buy more ribbon! Oh and get the clear cannisters so you can see at a glance how much you have left.
PS However it still doesn't stop the fact that I never have the right colour, shape or size when I am working on a project!

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