Sunday, July 14, 2013

A bit of this and a bit of that

We have a mixture of Yellow and Gold today ...

Colouring Charms

Using our Silver Evening Dress Charms as an example (after all, what woman doesn't want a variety of looks for her eveningwear?), we have coloured our charms with the following products:

They are also in order of how well they coloured, with Stazon being the best, but this does only apply to these smaller charms.  I have used the following products on larger charms and the Stampedous came out on top of some of the tests.  I think it is a personal choice and can often be up to what affect you want to create. You can also combine mediums - how cool would the Stazon and Stickles look together?? Experimentation is the key and playing with the various mediums is half the fun.

 Let's get started on play time ...

Embellishing a Filigree Flower Border

Cut up a small 23cm yellow mulberry flower into individual petals and place behind the main flower for a layered look.  The flower had to be cut up, as it was too small to be placed behind in one piece, and the other mulberry flowers in stock were too large.

Finish with a dark brown pearl in the centre of the filigree flower

A quick easy way to jazz up our Butterfly Filigrees is to add a small yellow rose in the centre and trim half of the stem off.  Attach other piece of the stem to behind the butterfly and fold both stems to create the antennas.


For those of you who subscribed to my "A Year in the Life" subscription kit back in 2011, you may remember the Christmas Tree we made from a circle .... well this dress works on the same principle!

Grab a chipboard mannequin and cover (using your finger) with inka gold.

Take a 11cm doily and fold like so:


then turn with the point upright.


Paint the layers with Mustard Seed Distress Paint and spritz with water.  Adhere as a skirt to your mannequin. 

Cut a piece from another 11cm doily (see below) and again paint with Mustard Seed Distress Paint. Again, attach to the mannequin.

Cut and attach a small piece of Gold Fibre Ribbon and Gold Cup Chain for the belt.


Lift up the layers of the skirt and add some cream tulle underneath and then trim to shape.

As a final touch and to add some sparkle, wipe some Yellow Stickles over the doily dress.


 Now for one more mannequin ...

 Add a thick layer of Stampendous Aged Gold Embossing Enamel and heat from underneath.  
DON'T heat from above, or you will have a nice mess to clean up! 

Once it is melted (this will take about a minute because of the thick layer), you can then heat from above and press a Kaisercraft Script Stamp into your melted embossing powder as you do so.

 (Don't worry if you miss some bits, it does stay warm long enough for you to take the stamp off the stamping block and hand stamp the remaining areas.)

Had to show this photo that DD took, the wrinkle is the embossing powder moving - you probably had to be here, but embossing powders are cool to watch.
(I think I have said this recently - I need to get a life!)

Okay while the mannequin cools down,
cut up strips of cream tulle and black tulle to make a dress and centre it with a gold poinsettia,
before attaching it to a card (that is still in progress as I am typing!).

So far I have lightly painted a Twiddlebitz Black C6 Card with Mustard Seed Distress Paint
and again heat embossed with the Kaisercraft Script Stamp

Hope that has given you an idea or two for adding gold/yellow to your projects or
perhaps given you a new technique to add to your next creation.

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