Thursday, September 6, 2012

New Arrivals in store now and a quick tutorial

New Arrivals in store now

90c each

New Charms

1 for $1.20
(they don't look AB in the photo but they definitely are our usual AB colour)
5 for $1.60

5 for $1.60

5 for $1.60

5 for $1.60

5 for $1.60

Antique Bronze Lobster Clasps
In sizes 10mm and 14mm 
Ideal for your OTP's or to hang charms from for your layouts and cards
You will find them in the Off the Page section

Scalloped Edges Organza Ribbon
25mm x 2 metres for $1.40
Available in 5 colours

10 for $1.80

10 for $1.00

10 for $1.00

As soon as I saw the Scalloped Edged Organza Ribbon IRL I knew I had to make some flowers
I hate getting the thread and needle out (maybe cause my eyes don't appreciate the SMALL needle eye!!!)

So here is a quick NO SEW flower which I am sure you have seen before but here it is again ...

Ruffled Organza Flower

Cut out a 1inch circle from cardstock matching the ribbon you are using.

Apply tape or fabric glue covering your circle

Cut approximately 30cm of ribbon.  Place the end of your ribbon in the middle of your circle and with your length of ribbon start to gather it into the middle going around and around the circle creating layers until you are happy with the ruffles.  You may need to apply more tape or like me use a hot glue gun.

Centre your flower with our new 16mm Acrylic Rhinestone cabochon

OR alternatively you may like to make a bloom centre with our 8mm pearls and rhinestone chain.

Using your hot glue gun and non stick mat (like the Inkssentials Craft Sheet, because it is non stick you can glue the pearls directly to the mat and PEEL off when cooled.  I LOVE my mat!!!!!!!!!!!!! My favourite item at the moment along with my hot glue gun).

Glue 6 pearls together creating a circle. I glued over the holes so they don't show.

Cut 6 strips measuring approximately 2.5cm of rhinestone chain or seed beads and glue in between the pearls.  It is looking not very pretty and messy at this stage 

But once the glue is covered with a coordinating aluminimum flower and added to the centre of your ribbon flower .... it is looking pretty! 


 I can certainly see the endless possibilities of centring your flowers with our beads and pearls,   flower embellishments and rhinestone chain
What do you think?

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Marie (Mazz) said...

Goodness I can see I will become POOR again on Sunday, these flowers are just SO gorgeous - I just NEED to make some - or buy some "made ones" LOL - so stunning.