Saturday, June 16, 2012

Create an Album with Me Geli ... page 3

Welcome to page 3 of Heidi's album! What would a Russian scrapbook album be without snow! And we did see a lot of snow. 
I am using my Echo Park paper kit and embellishments from my2angels. It's actually more of a summer kit, but you don't need to have snowflake paper to scrap winter photos. I just kept the overall colours fairly cool, with a bit of red thrown in, so it doesn't look washed out. A while ago I learned a cool splatter technique on the my2angels blog. This is coming in handy for a snowball look.

Take a paint dabber and shake it well. Now bang it on to your cardstock as hard as you can and you get these cool splats:

For an icicle look, swipe the paint dabber instead (start from the top and drag it down for a "tail"):

My cardstock now looked like this:

Next cut a 4 1/2" strip of patterned paper and rough up the top edge. Punch two decorative strips of cardstock and glue them along the long sides: 

Sand the edges of 3 photos (each 3x4" big) and stick them down with tape. I left the top edges open because I want to add some tags later. They don't have to be straight.

Cut 3 tags (3x3" each) from white cardstock and add some photos and stickers to pretty them up a little. I have journalling on the other side as well.

Push them under the main photos. This is a great way to add related photos that aren't masterpieces of photography or don't match the colour scheme of your page!

If you are lucky enough to own a rosette die, cut out a 12" strip. It's  so handy because you get all the scoring done in one quick step. You will notice that my strip is longer than my die. That's because I cut 2 and glued them together.

But don't despair if you don't have a die (get one!): You can punch a scallop or zig-zag edge (or use edge scissors) and fold along the design. The strip should be 1 1/2 x 12" long.
Fold it like a concertina and glue the ends together to form a ring:

Also cut out a circle from some scrap cardstock (you won't see it). Spread strong glue all over the circle and press the ring down (pretty edge on the outside), so it sits flat. Hold it for a little while (I put something on top for 2 min)

Decorate the front with a flower sticker:

Glue a snowman and a snowflake charm on an eye pin to make some cute charm sticks with a twine bow:

I bit of foam tape and plenty of glue holds them all in place:

Now put it all together on the page, put a rhinestone on each splatter, add a title and a little bird charm with a twine bow:

And the page is done!


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