Friday, December 11, 2009

Pop Top Christmas Treat Cans and on the 12th day of Christmas

I felt a little piece of my angel's childhood gone forever last week when DD asked if they were having stockings this year.

I have no idea why I said no immediately, (maybe because stocking fillings can get a bit expensive sometimes and too large for the stockings ... I still remember the year trying to get a toy sword in DS's stocking or the year I dropped a musical yoyo and wake them up ... but she was really okay with it and said that the presents are sometimes too big to fit in anyway – oh bless her! But as understanding as she was I still had a sad/guilty mum feeling in my stomach!

Thankfully I found this great idea over at not so idle hands

And as Christmas is the one day a year when they can have lollies before lunch (with the exception of Easter when a ridiculous amount of chocolate is divulge before breakfast!) this was a great solution and fun to make just using scraps and embellishments that I already had.

Start by opening the can from the bottom with one of these "Smooth edge" can openers. This will enable you to glue it back on later because of that little overhang.
Wash and remove the label

Measured around it with string to get the length for the paper.

Cut paper and embellished

Apply doubled sided tape (I used 12mm tape) around the can to the top, middle and bottom

I stuck the paper down starting at the opposite side of the tab - just so you won't see the seam from the front.

I haven't yet glued the base back on. I wanted to give the can a good airing out (don't really want the lollies to smell like tomato soup!)

She recommended using a hot glue gun to adhere the base back.

Close up of DS Pop Top Christmas Treats Can

Materials used:
LYB Roses pattern paper, the green opposite side
Christmas Stocking filled with presents charms
Bell Charms
Christmas Tree Charms
Red Rhinestones
Dark Green Rhinestones
Assorted Christmas Ribbons
Autumn Leaves Merry Christmas Clear Stamp
and thanks mum for the little wooden pegs

And DDs Pop Top Christmas Treats CanDark Pink Ric Rac for the edging at the top and bottom
For around the tin I used Fancy Pants Simplicity Pattern Paper which is only $1.00 for double sided paper and the pink dotted side I used, it is so pretty
Here is both sides of it

Double Star Charm
Silver Metal Textured Stars
Silver Twist Chain
And for all of the trees I used LYB Roses Paper

Kindy Glitz for the squiggle on tree
Pink Metal Textured Star

Pink Wavy Rhinestone Strip
Pink Crystal Brad

White Glass Seed Beads
Pink Metal Textured Star
Silver Straight Rhinestone Strips
Silver Metal Textured Star

All I need to do it add one of our white tags with the word pull stamped on it, fill it with lollies and seal the base. Yah another job to cross off my list.

and finally, our last free gift in the 12 days of Christmas Promotion

I have just gone back into not so idle hands and today she has posted a cute advert calendar which could be made using our circle pendants – thanks Emily – a project to add to next years list

Thanks everyone for the encouraging comments left and emails sent during our 12 days of Christmas Promotion - it is so appreciated :)

Hope you have a fun and creative weekend


Vicky said...

Tracy, that`s a great idea, I`m not much into the stocking thing, so this would be a great replacement, thanks for the idea :)

Tracey said...

Awesome idea. Love it to bits Tracy :)

Nat said...

hey darlin, that's an awesome idea, GORGEOUSLY done too, wow!. It's been a while since I hit the waves n surfed blogs, have missed so much, just spent ages catchin up n wow your works are brilliant, keep em comin! Wishing you all a merry xmas and even better bigger brighter new year. Luv Nat xx